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Fighting Hard to Make North Carolina a Better Place to Live, Play, & Work

Help make North Carolina a truly wonderful place to live, work, and play by supporting the campaign office of Kelly Alexander - TheNCRep. Based in Raleigh, the office of Representative Kelly Alexander seeks to pass marijuana law reform and crime watch programs that enhance the entire state of North Carolina.


Drug Policy Reform

The campaign office of Kelly Alexander - TheNCRep advocates the use and study of medicinal cannabis in the state. We seek to change drug laws and expunge the records of those who have been charged with possessing a small amount of cannabis.

Crime Watch Initiative

We are initiating a district crime watch to train citizens on how to use technology to record and report possible illegal activities. This program will be designed in collaboration with local police organizations.

Advocating Policies That Provide

• Capitol Required to Start Up & Expand Local Businesses
• State Support of Mass Transit, Especially Light Rail & Street Car Development
• Support for Renewable Energy, Specifically Increasing Access to Solar Energy Through Third-Party Sales to Consumers

Keeping Promises

We have submitted legislation on all of the issues discussed above and will continue to do so until we can come to an agreement. Check back with us often for the latest results.